Make Change Happen

Who am I?

I’m from Lebanon, the land of the Cedars.  I can proudly say that I’m a Certified Professional Coach from one of the best coaching programs worldwide, Erickson International, an ICF International Associate Certified Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation. 

I have always had a passion for partnering with individuals and groups to help them transform their situations and realize their potential…whether it’s working on projects, working with groups or with individuals getting people to realize their dreams and goals have been my goal in my own life. 

About two years ago, the realization hit me that becoming a coach will allow me to ensure doing what I’ve always strived for! That is; making sure that people are using their full potential and achieving their goals and dreams in the exact way that they want to do it and excel in taking advantage of life’s many opportunities in the same manner that I did both personally and professionally.

My values which include truth, trust, success, happiness, inner balance, honesty, commitment, creativity and transformation, are ones that I incorporate daily in my everyday life and what I will use to coach you!  

As an Erickson graduate what do I believe in?

There are five solution-focused Ericksonian principles that I draw my coaching from:

• The OK-ness Principle; no human being is broken everyone is ok

• The person has all the resources necessary; you already have all the necessary answers

• Every behavior has a positive intention; there is always a positive effect from any behavior

• The person is making the best choice possible; each one of us knows what’s best for him at a given time

 • Change is not only possible, but inevitable; change will for sure happen if you want it to




Why choose me?

I spent a year researching the various and abundant coaching programs that are available making sure that the program I join will be as much of benefit to you as it will be for me and one that actually represents me as a person.  I needed a program that fit with my outlook on life; being positive, believing the best of people and always moving forward with positive solutions. So I chose Erickson International!

As a certified Ericksonian life coach and an ICF member, I will be your partner in ensuring that you reach your goals and apply all my learnings and knowledge to help you reach your peak.  The purpose of coaching you is to make sure you reach your success. the values that  lead my life will be evident in my coaching and as an ICF member, I’m bound by a code of ethics that ensures I will always have your best interests at heart.

Your success is what I want and what I will ensure you get!

If you believe what I believe, and if you think we’re a good fit, then join me so that your full potential is achieved!

What is expected from you?

For you to accomplish what you really want, have more of what you want in life and make your coaching experience more productive, you must:

·       Be committed to your goals and vision

·       Be willing to take the time to examine what you want and need and determine goals that are meaningful to you

·       Make a commitment to yourself and complete your action steps each week

·       Come to the session prepared with what you want to discuss

·       Make your coaching session a priority in your schedule

If you are ready for this then sign up for your free coaching session today to discover if we are true fit for each other.



As a coach, my promise to you

You and I we meet as strangers Each carrying a mystery within us.

I cannot say who you are;

I may never know completely,

But I trust that you are a person in your own right, possessed of a beauty and value that are the Earth’s richest treasures.

So I make this promise to you: I will impose no identities upon you,

but will invite you To become yourself without shame or fear.

I will hold open a space for you in the World And allow your right to fill it with an authentic Vocation and purpose.

For as long as your search takes, you have my loyalty.


     ~ Theodore Roszak




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